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Paso Top Picks: Hana Teriyaki


There’s no good ethnic food in Paso Robles…Right?

Wrong! Nestled amongst wineries, fast-food options, rib joints and high-brow small plates, are a few cultural gems that will satisfy the cultural wanderer within.

Hana Teriyaki is a family run joint that specializes in Korean, Japanese- and American-Comfort food. Their eclectic spread makes this place an ideal option for families with differing palettes. 

The service is a cut above the rest and food quality is consistently top-grade. A family of four with contrasting cravings of Beef Bulgogi, a Tuna Melt, Ramen and a Bur-Wich (Burger Sandwich) can all eat at the same table without shamefully bringing food from four different restaurants into one establishment.

Great food, wonderful people and unique fusion — that’s all I need. On your next trip to wine country, forget frills or the open table reservation app. Treat yourself to this quirky, casual gem.

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